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Strength Class

This class is based on teaching proper technique to safely improve an athletes force production through weight training and plyometrics. Most team sports are power based sports, where your ability to generate force can greatly affect your performance. Power is force x velocity. Let us worry about the science, you just consistently come ready to work and you will see the benefits.

Speed & Agility Class

This class is set to improve an athletes ability to accelerate and change directions. Through this course the athlete will learn proper running technique, how to properly change direction, and improve the rate at which they stop and start (rate of force development). Consistently being great at the little details, is what defines a successful athlete.

Mobility & Recovery Class

This course will be held every other Wednesday, with the focus on improving flexibility, joint mobility, and how to properly recover. The course will teach athletes techniques to help keep their body healthy and functioning at a high level. The course will use foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and bands to teach recovery methods.

Measurable Results

our athletes see results

With our proprietary training style each and every athlete will see measurable results in their sport.