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Who we are

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide educational and social programming that addresses the health and fitness needs of members and participants. Our team of certified professionals share a passion for encouraging and equipping others to choose balanced, healthy lifestyles.

We Care

At Fox Valley Fitness we are always open to hearing how we may better service our members, participants and community.  We welcome you to contact us at any time.

Facility Request

If your group is interested in renting space in our Fox Valley Fitness facility please request an application from a facility manager.

Personal Training

Working with a Fox Valley Fitness Personal Trainer will help you overcome personal barriers and adhere to an exercise plan.  Our trainers will strive to have you leave each session educated and motivated for your next workout. 

Sport Specific Training

Sport-specific training at Fox Valley Fitness is designed to increase your athletic ability and confidence both on and off the field by helping you improve technique and athleticism through individualized programming specified to your athletic needs.